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ProVia vinyl replacement windows offer the highest in exceptional value and unparalleled quality that our customers demand. We offer a unique variety of color, glass design, heat control and efficiency combinations, allowing you to get the look and functionality that is “just right” for your home.
Just a few features of our windows:
  • 7/8th-inch insulated glass that both reduces noise and increases energy efficiency
  • Over and under Interlocking at the meeting rails for better weatherproofing
  • Welded frames and sashes for superior strength
  • Tilt-in sashes make for easy cleaning
  • Sash limit locks can help you set a maximum height for window opening, helping with airflow and security
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Ways to know that you need to replace your windows
Trying to find out whether you need to repair or replace your windows? Are you thinking about updating your windows, but not sure if you really need to? In some instances you could keep the old ones. If you are having serious issues with structure or efficiency, the windows are telling you its time for a change immediately. In many cases the easy way is to just replace the windows.

Here are a few clear signs letting you know it’s time to replace your windows.
You Feel Drafts in Your House
The greatest windows out there will let a small amount of air in your house, but it should never be great enough that you can detect it. If you notice a lot of air coming in around the windows, it will get worse over time.

Why? All windows wear out over time. When windows wear out, of course they let more air in.

A good example of this would be wood windows. Wood windows warp from the exposure to moisture that they get. This can make the window become too tight to manage correctly; it also makes gaps in other places therefore letting air in your home.

Here is another example: The corners of the sashes and frames become loose, this creates gaps that later on allow air in.

Someone’s first instinct may be to put weather stripping around the window. Noticeable drafts indicate an air leak. This is caused by more than just damaged weather stripping. Sealing and weather stripping should be used for nothing more than just a short-term fix. They are not permanent fixes due to the fact that sealants will expand and contract, which leads to gaps, which you are trying to avoid in the first place.

Honestly the best way to avoid the cool air around the windows is to get rid of them entirely and get new ones.
You Have Difficulty Shutting or Opening Windows?
If you can’t open or close your windows easily, it may be time that you get them replaced.

This is true for old windows, especially double hung and single hung windows. These windows tend to have a problem with balance over time. There is a balance mechanism in these windows, when that balance mechanism goes out, the window will no longer stay open and could possibly slam shut and cause serious injuries.

Condensation in the Glass (Double or Triple Paned Windows)
If you have double or triple-paned glass in your windows and you notice condensation inside the glass, you may need to have the glass replaced or, if it’s worse, the entire window-depending on the seriousness of the window.

Condensation and moisture between the panes can indicate seal failure. When the seal fails moisture can get in the space between the panes of glass, as a result of this, air will condense on the glass. When this occurs the glass in the window is no longer doing what it needs to do-which is to create a barrier from either the cold or hot air outside.

One more clue to seal failure is a white film on the glass. This white film is calcium which tends to deposit on the glass when there is seal failure.
Expensive Energy Bill
The Department of Energy suggests when looking for windows, you look for windows with at least two panes of glass. This indicates that they are going to be high performance windows which meet efficiency guidelines that are set by the DOE.

Will Replacing Windows Save on Energy Costs?
To save energy, you may well be considering replacing your windows. Doing so can definitely improve your home’s energy efficiency and save some money in your pocket.

Energy Savings
New windows can definitely help you save money on your energy bills. In 2009, the company Energy Star estimated that homeowners could save at least $27 a year by replacing windows. If a homeowner has single pane windows, replacing them with Energy Star –qualified products will save them between $126 and $465 a year. That all depends on the number of windows that need replaced and where they live.


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