Bathroom Remodeling



Time to update the bathroom? Started your Pinterest boards and cut outs of design magazines? Bathroom remodels can be a big task for weekend warriors. From plumbing and electrical to flooring and lighting, renovating your bathroom can be an arduous task. Why spend hours watching "how-to" videos when  you can let the professionals at Springer Construction Inc. do the hard work? You just give us your ideas, sketches, cutouts and pins and we take care of the rest!

Our team of professional bathroom remodeling contractors are here to help you from start to finish. From picking out a theme, fixtures and tiles, to tubs and shower doors. Want a bit of luxury? Who doesn't! We can do heated floors and spa tubs! Even if you have a small space for your bathroom we can help you figure out a plan to use every square inch to its greatest potential.
Do you need more space?
Figuring out if you have enough space for what you want can be hard. If it is an option, opening up walls or adding on to your home can be a big asset when it comes to a bathroom remodel. Having a cramped bathroom can pose difficulties for large families. We can help you decide if you have enough space or how to expand that space.

Research and Plan
Figure your the style and direction you want to go. Start by looking at home magazines or pinterest. Once you have a great idea in mind give us a call and we can help bring it to reality! We can help walk you through the steps of picking out tiles and flooring. The right faucets, sinks and tubs to help pull together the design can be essential too. Plan to allow enough time as well to allot for our contractors and workers able to finish a high quality product for you. Bathrooms, as well as kitchens, can take a bit of time for remodeling so be sure to plan accordingly.
bathroom showers
Bathrooms are one of the most commonly remodeled rooms of the home aside from kitchens.  Call us today to update your bathroom today! (260) 747-0909
Bathroom Remodeling Ideas
This is the fun part of the remodel process. Deciding what style you want to go with, modern, classical, cottage etc... colors and textures as well. Budget is also a great thing to start thinking about as well so we have a good idea of what you are looking to spend vs what you are expecting to do. Once we have an idea of the style and budget we can give you a drawing of the space and a ballpark estimate.
The Process
Here is where we start. Once a bathroom design is chosen and approved we will start with tear-out and purchasing of materials. We will rely on you and your photos/pins/color charts etc to give you options on choices of light fixtures, patterns etc that will be within budget. Please account for plenty of time from start to finish of your remodel. High quality work takes time but we respect your time and will be in and out as quickly as possible while producing quality work that you can brag about!
Surviving the Bathroom Remodel
It’s expected that the contractor may have to make multiple visits to the house during the remodeling process. Prepare yourself for more than one visit and you’ll be fine. We will try to stay out of your day to day way and keep our visits quick and to the point.
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